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Two Japanese women, Mrs. Tanaka (55 years old) and Mrs. Kobayashi (30 years old), happen to be sitting side by side on a local train. It is lunch-time. They began to eat box lunches.

Mrs. Tanaka:I love eating a box lunch while traveling on a local train.
Mrs. Kobayashi:I do, too.
Mrs. Tanaka:Where are you going?
Mrs. Kobayashi:To Town A.
Mrs. Tanaka:Is that so? I’m going farther down, to Town B. Are you going there on business?
(She had noticed Mrs. Kobayashi reading a business letter.)
Mrs. Kobayashi:No, I’m not. I have taken a few days off to visit my relatives there.
(Mrs. Tanaka had also noticed that Mrs. Kobayashi wore a wedding ring.)
Mrs. Tanaka:I see you are married.
Mrs. Kobayashi:Yes, I’ve been married for several years.
Mrs. Tanaka:Do you live with your husband’s parents?
Mrs. Kobayashi:No, not now, but we will have to live with them when they get old.
Mrs. Tanaka:Why is that?
Mrs. Kobayashi:Well, my husband is the eldest son and he feels he should take care of his parents.
Mrs. Tanaka:My husband is now sixty and still working. Our son, who got married three years ago, lives apart from us. And that’s why I’m taking this train to see my grandson. My grandson, Makoto, can walk and talk quite well. He is so loving. He jumps into my arms when he sees me. Do you have any children?
Mrs. Kobayashi:No, not yet.
Mrs. Tanaka:Don’t you want any? You must be lonely.
Mrs. Kobayashi:Well, I like children …
Mrs. Tanaka:I know a very famous temple for women who want to have a baby. The god of the temple is highly responsive to prayers. Why don’t you go there and pray?
Mrs. Kobayashi:Perhaps I’ll take your advice some day.
Mrs. Tanaka:You should definitely go there as soon as possible.
Mrs. Kobayashi:But I’m not interested in having a baby right now.
Mrs. Tanaka:You should have babies while you’re young for your health’s sake. Also, you should think of your future when you get old. Children are your treasure!

質問:Based on the text, how do you think Mrs. Kobayashi feels about Mrs. Tanaka? Write about this topic in English within 80 words.



A friend talks to you about his father’s smoking habit and asks for your advice. What do you think he should do? Write your answer in 80~100 words.

My father smokes like a chimney at home and has done so for as long as I can remember. When I was younger it didn’t seem to matter as everyone, including me, accepted being surrounded by smoke in those days. Smokers used to be able to light up whenever and wherever they wanted without fear of criticism, but recently society’s attitude towards smoking has changed dramatically and so has mine. Now I don’t see why I must continue to live my life in a cloud of poisonous smoke which is as unpleasant as it is unhealthy, but my father has shown no signs of wanting to give up his bad habit. He says that he has the right to do as he pleases in his own home, but don’t I have an equivalent right to clean air? Isn’t it my home as much as it is his? I’ve thought about moving out and getting a small apartment of my own but can’t afford it because I’m still a student. What do you think I should do?




Recently in Japan, the average age of politicians has been decreasing and some people are becoming politicians even in their twenties. What do you think about this trend? State your opinion in 80-100 words.



(1) 先月,友人のJoseに5千円を貸した。しかし,彼はそれを忘れてしまっているようだ。今,買いたい本があるが,そのお金を返してもらわないと買うことができない。Joseにそのことを話し,返してくれるよう頼みたい。

(2) 友人のDonnaは先日,ある会社の就職試験を受けた。彼女はここ数ヶ月,寝る時間も惜しんでその試験のための勉強をしていた。しかし,結果は不合格であった。今,そのことをDonna自身から打ち明けられた。彼女を元気づけ,挫折することなく別の会社に挑戦してみるよう励ましたい。

(3) マニラ市内を歩いていると,知らない人から「最寄りの郵便局はどこか?」と英語でたずねられた。自分のこの辺りに不案内であることをその人に告げ,前方に見える観光案内所でたずねてみるよう勧めたい。

(4) 先週,心理学の授業で隣に座ったSophieの教科書を誤って持ち帰ってしまった。Sophieはその教科書がなかったために,課題を期限内に提出することができなかったそうだ。しかし自分は,彼女の教科書が鞄(かばん)の中に入っていることに昨夜まで気づかなかった。Sophieに教科書を返すとともに,事情を説明し,自分の不注意を心から謝りたい。



People recognize differences between children and adults in many ways. What makes a person an adult? What shows that a person is an adult? State your opinion and provide specific reasons or examples to support your answer.



Describe the place where you would like to live in the future. Also, give the specific reasons why you want to live there.



In the past 100 years, revolutionary changes have occurred in areas such as economics, science and technology. Would you choose to live 100 years ago or today? Explain your answer providing concrete examples.


Answer the following question in English in 150 ― 200 words.

According to some statistics, many Japanese students lack self-confidence compared with those from European and other Asian countries. What do you think makes Japanese young people different in this respect?


Write an essay on the following topic in English. Your essay should be between 150 and 200 words.

Experience in one’s earlier days often has an influence on his or her life. Write about one of your experiences and explain how it has affected you.


Answer the following question in English in 150-200 words.

Question: What do you think about the generation gap between young people and the older generation in Japan? Explain your opinions providing concrete examples and reasons.


Write your opinion about the following statement in 150-200 words in English. Use specific reasons and/or examples to support your opinion.

Money can buy happiness.


Answer the following question in English in 150-200 words.

In daily life we come into contact with friends, rivals and people we don’t know. Sometimes we compete with these people and sometimes we cooperate with them. Do you think you can obtain greater goals by competing with other people or by cooperating with them? Explain your opinion providing concrete examples and reasons.


Answer the following question in English in 150-200 words.

A philosopher said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” What are the benefits of travelling and studying abroad? Discuss, using specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


Answer the following question in English in 150 – 200 words.

Due to globalization, different cultures are becoming more similar. Nowadays, people all over the world share the same fashions, brands, eating habits and social networking sites. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this? Discuss, using specific examples to support your answer.


Answer the following question in English in 150 – 200 words.

The recent tourist boom has brought a lot of foreign tourists to Japan. Some people think this is good because it has a positive economic impact. Other people think this tendency should not be encouraged, so as to protect the local culture and environment. What is your opinion on this? Use specific examples and reasons to explain your answer.


Answer the following question in English in 150 – 200 words.

How does the mass media, including TV, newspapers, the Internet and social media, affect the behavior of young people? Give specific examples to support your opinion.